Tributes to Former Colleagues

Ms. Agnes Kidd

Administrative staff
Agnes Kidd worked with Gilmour Psychological Services in the front office as administrative staff for twenty-four years. We were fortunate that she joined us in December of 1993 and that she stayed steadily and steadfastly with us until September, 2017. Agnes was a remarkable key member of our organization. She had an amazing capacity to learn quickly, to pay attention to detail and to easily comprehend the complexity of the range and volume of work presented to our administration staff. Her computer and technical skills evolved with our equipment, and she conscientiously worked to finish projects and not leave work undone. Her professionalism was second to none.

Agnes has great emotional intelligence and wisdom. She understood the sensitive nature of the work, the importance of confidentiality and how she and the other administrative staff were often the first representatives of GPS with whom clients would interact. Agnes was empathetic without crossing boundaries, supportive without being intrusive and kind and informative without exceeding her role. She was a master at the symbolic, small gestures of hospitality, welcoming clients to GPS. Agnes always made a conscientious effort to respond to client’s requests for help with respect, care and timely action.

Agnes is a fascinating person. Originally from Argentina, she speaks flawless English and Spanish. As many of us know, Argentina is a very psychologically minded country with one psychologist for every four people. Psychoanalysis thrives in Argentina and the populace as a whole is very accepting and knowledgeable about psychological issues. Therefore, it is not surprising that Agnes fit so well in the role of supporting the psychologists at GPS. Agnes is also a world traveller, having been to forty-eight countries and planning to see more. Her usual trips are walking tours, and her next trip is to Portugal. She said that she is also planning to read widely and to stay as informed about world events as ever. We know that Agnes will enjoy her retirement with the same cheerful enthusiasm that she greeted all the other phases of her life. We have been so lucky to have had these years with her.

Dr. Frances Smyth


Dr. Smyth has been a psychologist in our group since 1985 and she has served as a business partner since 1992 when the five women partners of Gilmour Psychological Services formalized their partnership. She retired from general clinical practice at the end of 2017 and retired from conducting Child Custody and Access Assessments at the end of 2018.

In addition to her private practice clinical work, Fran has also worked with the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (psychologist, Coordinator of the Children’s Psychological Service, and Acting Director of the Psychology Department) and the Children’s Aid Society. She has also taught graduate psychology courses at the University of Ottawa.

Fran has seen individual adults, adolescents, children, and families in assessments, psychotherapy and counselling. She has had a special interest in the children and adults from dysfunctional families and a widely acknowledged proficiency in helping children with the changes and problems that arise when parents have substance abuse issues, high-conflict divorce situations, and the loss or death of relatives. She also worked with individuals and families dealing with sexual orientation issues.

Given the wide range of her work and the numbers of children she has helped, it is no surprise to learn that after the children grow up to be mothers and fathers, when they or their children need help, they again seek out Fran who saw them in their own formative years. Thus, Fran has had the joy and the opportunity to continue to help ongoing generations of clients.

Fran’s assessment work has included Psycho-educational assessments, Learning Disabilities assessments, Psychodiagnostic Assessments, and Child Custody and Access Assessments.

Fran has always been an enthusiastic, hard working and proficient psychologist, who is well-respected by her colleagues. She has had a stellar career, and we at GPS have been fortunate to have her as a colleague and contributor to the guidance of the partnership.

Frances Smyth
Dr. Kirsten Voss


For nine years, Gilmour Psychological Services® was privileged to have Dr. Kirsten Voss practice psychology with us. She left Gilmour Psychological Services® in 2009 and has established a new practice in Westmount, Quebec.  She also worked part-time in one of Ottawa’s community health centres for many years, and saw a diverse group of clients who would not otherwise have been able to access psychological services. She also has consulted to a residential addiction rehabilitation centre near Ottawa.

Dr. Voss is bilingual and provides assessment and therapy services to adults and teens.  Her areas of interest include depression, anxiety, anger management, stress management, trauma, addictions, adult ADHD, and relationships issues.  Dr. Voss also conducts intellectual and personality assessments, and her areas of competence include forensic psychology.  Her clinical approach is primarily cognitive behavioural.  She has additional training in schema-focussed, interpersonal, emotion-focussed and psychodynamic approaches.  She believes in matching her approach to clients’ needs in a warm and supportive therapeutic relationship.

Dr. Voss is licensed by the Ordre des psychologues du Québec and the College of Psychologists of Ontario. She is also a member of the Canadian Psychological Association, a collegial society.  She updates her training regularly by attending clinical conferences and workshops and participating in peer supervision.

Those who wish to contact Dr. Voss may call her office in Montreal at 514-903-6933 or write to her at 245 Victoria Avenue, Suite 410, Westmount, QC, H3Z 2M6.

Dr. Gary Goldfield, C.Psych.


Dr. Goldfield was an Associate with Gilmour Psychological Services® for one year, 2002 – 2003, after spending two years in supervision while earning his license. He provides psychological services to children, adolescents and adults across a wide range of areas, including anxiety, stress, depression, anger, learning and attentional problems, behavioural problems, addictions, trauma/abuse, and self-esteem issues. He has developed special interest and experience in treating eating disorders, weight concerns, and relationship issues.

Dr. Goldfield’s psychotherapy orientation is integrative, incorporating cognitive-behavioural therapy, as well as interpersonal, experiential, systemic and psychodynamic approaches. His approach is based on his belief that treatment approaches are more effective when individualized to meet the client’s needs, and that various therapies may be needed to effect change in cognitive, behavioural, emotional, and social functioning. Dr. Goldfield adopts a scientist/practitioner approach to treatment in that he favours therapeutic interventions that have been empirically validated by research.

Dr. Goldfield is an adjunct professor in psychology at Carleton University and an assistant professor of Pediatrics at Ottawa University. He presently holds the position of Senior Investigator at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Dr. Goldfield can be reached at 613-852-4968 if you need to contact him.

Dr.Catherine Pink, C.Psych.


In 2008 Dr. Pink retired from the College of Psychologists of Ontario after a twenty year career in private practice at Gilmour Psychological Services®. Dr. Pink earned her Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) at the University of Ottawa in 1987 and was registered as a Psychologist in Ontario in 1988.

Prior to opening her private practice, Dr. Pink was Assistant Professor at St. Paul University, Pastoral Institute, teaching psychological theory and supervising the clinical work of graduate students. She was employed as a Counsellor at Algonquin College and worked with disadvantaged clients there and in earlier employment as a Social Worker and Home Economist with the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton.

In private practice Dr. Pink focused on providing short and longer- term counselling and psychotherapy to adults and couples. As a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, Dr. Pink was privileged as well to supervise the clinical work of new psychologists during their licensing year.

Dr. Pink retires having had a fulfilling and successful career providing psychological services to the Ottawa-Carleton community.

Ms. Penny Skelton

Business Manager

Ms. Penny Skelton worked as our highly valued office manager from 1992 to 2010 and is missed now that she has retired to pursue her studio arts and other creative endeavours.

Penny Skelton joined Gilmour Psychological Services® in September, 1992 as Business Manager and as such, oversaw the day-to-day office operations. Her responsibilities included correspondence, telephone and public reception, purchasing, general bookkeeping, liaison between the Partners, Associates and their clients, as well as systems and information development and management.

Over the past thirty-five years Penny’s worked in the areas of community and health services had involved public relations, information production, personnel and general office management. Her many years working for psychologists in private practice in Ottawa gave her a particular awareness of the nature of clinical practice and the importance of confidentiality. Her sensitivity and years of applied experience brought to our unique office setting a special understanding and support for both clients and doctors.

Penny was born and educated in Quebec City, is fluent in English and French and received her secretarial diploma from St. James’s Secretarial College in London, England. During the years spent at home raising three sons, she was actively involved as a volunteer in the community and at local schools. She recently joined the Board of Directors of Artswell, Arts and Healing, in keeping with her long-time interest in the arts and healthcare.

Dr. Gordon Josephson


Dr. Gordon Josephson started with Gilmour Psychological Services® in his licensing year in 2005 and continued as an Associate from 2006 to 2011.   In February 2012 he left to establish his own practice on Argyle Ave.

Dr. Josephson received his doctoral training in Psychology at the University of Ottawa.  Prior to this he worked both internationally and in the federal government.

Dr. Josephson provides psychotherapy and assessment services to adults experiencing challenges such as anxiety, depression, stress, career concerns and adjustment to injury and illness.  He also assists people with issues related to self-esteem, identity, and sexuality.  Dr. Josephson works with intimacy and relationship difficulties and offers couple therapy.

Dr. Josephson’s psychotherapy orientation integrates cognitive-behavioural, mindfulness, and emotion focussed approaches.  He believes in matching his approach to his client’s needs in a collaborative and supportive manner.In addition to direct clinical services, Dr. Josephson offers organizational training in stress management, conflict management, and interpersonal communication.  He also consults to health care organizations assisting in the evaluation of their programs.

If you wish to contact Dr. Josephson you may call him at (613) 231-4111 ext. 0, fax at (613) 231-4112, email him at [email protected], or write him at 340 Gladstone Ave., Unit 201,Ottawa, ON., K2P 0Y8

 Dr. Susan Hulley

General Practitioner, focused on Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Gilmour Psychological Services® has been pleased to have had Dr. Susan Hulley associated with us from October, 2008 until January 2013. As a physician, Dr. Hulley has combined her interest and skills in medication and psychotherapy in her work with her clients. She works with individual adults, some couples and some adolescents. The issues which she treats include mood and anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, autistic spectrum disorders. She also helps people dealing with chronic illnesses, general emotional pain and relationship issues.

Dr. Hulley’s psychotherapeutic approach is collaborative and individualized to the client’s needs. She integrates psychopharmacology and some psychotherapy approaches, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Emotion Focused Therapy and Psychodynamic approaches.

Dr. Hulley telephone number is 613-282-4427 and her fax number is 613-288-9242.

Dr. Virginia Simonds C.Psych

Gilmour Psychological Services® has had the good fortune of having had Dr. Simonds’ affiliation as an Associate for the past eight years, and we hold her in the highest esteem. After graduating from the University of Ottawa with her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Simonds started with Gilmour Psychological Services® in her licensing year in 2002 and then continued to work as an associate from 2004 to 2012. While with Gilmour Psychological Services®, she provided adult psychotherapy with individual adults. She treated a wide range of problems with special interest in treatment of depression, anxiety, relationship issues, life transitions, self and identity issues, and general emotional pain. She has a special clinical and research interest in women’s depression and anxiety and the interaction between the two.

Since January 1, 2013, Dr. Simonds has continued to work with her clients, but in her own individual practice. She continues to see clients in office 101, at 430 Gilmour St, Ottawa, On, K2P 0R5. She can be reached at 613 233-0707 or [email protected]