Managing Stress at Work and at Home

In today’s ever-changing pace of technology, downsizing in the workplace, and economic instability, individuals can easily feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges. Everyday living involves anxiety and stress management at home, at work, even at play. Missing the tennis ball and having a bad golf game can be stressful for some individuals. How we deal with stress can make a difference to our mood, out thoughts and our behaviour toward ourselves and others.

Stress affects everyone…children and adults. This chapter examines symptoms of stress, negative and positive coping strategies and positive strategies for stress and anxiety at work and at home. The chapter focuses on our ability to handle life’s daily stresses, which can have an impact on our psychological and physiological health.

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Managing Stress at Work and at Home

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Read more about the author of this chapter, Dr.Sandy Ages of Gilmour Psychological Services® in Ottawa.