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Most children by nature are happy and buoyant.  When a child has become unhappy, reserved and withdrawn, or alternatively, angry and aggressive for an extended period, such as longer than a week, it is very important that parents try to find out what is wrong.  Because children have limited words to express their feelings often parents find themselves asking questions that the child cannot answer.  Sometimes parents can figure out what is troubling the child by listening in on the child’s play activities or discussing a drawing made by the child.  Also, parents can discuss the changes they see in their child  with the child’s teacher and childcare provider. However, if the parent cannot discover the source of the child’s change of mood and behaviour, and if it continues over weeks, it is important to consult a child psychologist.  The psychologist can undertake an assessment of the child and provide the parent with feedback and encouraging new methods of helping the child. Psychologists work with the parents in a collaborative way for the best interest of the children.  Also, there may be times when having the child see the psychologist for play therapy, social skills development and communication skills development helps the child enormously and prevents the development of psychological problems later in life. Contact Gilmour Psychological Services® in Ottawa to schedule a consultation with a psychologist who has an expertise in child therapy. Book An Appointment Find a Psychologist  

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Raising our children can be one of the most exciting and challenging experiences of our lives. This chapter takes us through the wondrous journey of life as a parent, from the earliest stage when our children are mere babies to the later stages of when they reach teenagehood and adolescence. Each stage has its own unique growth pattern, be it physical, social, emotional or intellectual, and at each stage we as parents are both students and teachers as we live life with our children and help build their resilience which is a major task for all parents and a major achievement for all children. There are many gems of insight and advice in this chapter which Dr. Davies has written based on her years of experience as a psychologist and a parent. And where and when problems are still too much, a psychologist can help. In your reading you will discover for example that the growth and development of a resilient child is intertwined with the growth and development of resilience in ourselves.  In effect, we both give and we receive, we touch and are touched, we teach and we are taught.

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