Marriage and Couples Counselling Ottawa

If you and your partner have been having constant unresolved relationship difficulties, you may find couples’ therapy extremely rewarding, even if at times it is difficult, stressful and frightening.

  • You will have opportunities to learn more about yourself and your partner in a safe environment.
  • You will learn new ways to talk to one another about things in a more positive manner.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn to identify patterns of behaviour that arise between the two of you that seem to come up out of nowhere, but, in fact, do have their origins in other parts of your life.
  • The more you become aware of the existence of these patterns, and where they come from, the more you will actually have some choice in altering them and their effects on your relationship with your partner.

Gilmour Psychologists with Expertise in Couples Counselling

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Iris Jackson

Dr. Iris Jackson

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Qadeer Ahmad

Dr. Qadeer Ahmad

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Dr. Amanda Timmers

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Karen Davies

Dr. Karen Davies

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Deanna Drahovzal

Dr. Deanna Drahovzal

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Caroline Ostiguy

Dr. Caroline Ostiguy

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Delyana Miller

Dr. Delyana Miller

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Dr. Alex Weinberger

Dr. Alex Weinberger

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Emma Dargie

Dr. Emma Dargie

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Read More in Our E-Book Chapter on Relationship Conflict

Marriage and Couples Counselling: Resolving Relationship Conflict

This chapter is interesting and useful reading for both new couples and those in long established relationships. Dr. Davies initially discusses the positive aspects of making a commitment to another person and being paired as a couple. She then goes on to poignantly describe some of the painful emotions that occur when a couple encounters serious conflict with each other. She points out that the general emotional tone in a home and family is largely determined by the manner in which the adults conduct their life lives and their relationship with each other.

She continues by discussing in a deep and meaningful way the sources of relationship conflict and the impact and costs of it. She then goes on to discuss the process and procedures that are useful for resolving couples’ conflicts, how to get the conversation started and communication skills that are useful for couples. She also discusses why couples sometimes get stuck when trying to resolve conflict as well as emotional and physical intimacy. This chapter ends with Dr. Davies discussion about when to look for professional help.

Read more about the author of this chapter, Dr. Karen Davies of Gilmour Psychological Services® in Ottawa

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