Psychoeducational Assessments Ottawa

Learning disabilities cause a child to experience difficulty achieving academically to the level that would be expected given the child’s general intellectual ability. There are different types of learning disabilities which affect achievement in different ways and which require different forms of intervention.Psychologists can assist parents in planning for their child’s education by providing a psychoeducational assessment. These assessments provide clarification as to the nature of the child’s disability and provide recommendations for interventions which can help the child to achieve their academic potential. Such assessments also help parents to be aware of the type of post-secondary educational programs in which their child is likely to achieve success in future.
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Delyana Miller

Dr.Delyana Miller

Dr. Delyana Miller provides psychotherapy and neuropsychological and psychological assessment services to adults and seniors with a variety of psychological difficulties such as depression, anxiety disorders, trauma, interpersonal difficulties, self-esteem issues, learning and memory problems, adjusting to life changes.

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