Infertility Counselling Ottawa

Infertility often has a detrimental effect on an individual’s self-esteem, emotions, relationships, identity and beliefs about life. Symptoms of anxiety and depression are common. There can be a profound sense of loss of the desired child and ensuing sense of helplessness and powerlessness. One may harbour a sense of shame, alienation, isolation or jealousy and anger of others.
There is inevitable strain on the couple in their physical and emotional intimacy, such as blame or guilt. Sex may even become less enjoyable and fraught with anxiety as they try to conceive during particular time periods.
In addition to support, compassion and understanding, a psychologist offers an objective opportunity for individuals to reflect on options and choices as well as thoughtful examination of complicated feelings. The acquisition of healthier coping mechanisms through therapy will ease the way through the journey towards resolution of the infertility crisis.

Psychologists with Expertise in Infertility Counselling

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Karen Davies

Dr.Karen Davies

Dr. Karen Davies provides psychological services to adults, adolescents and children. She treats people individually, in couples, or in families for a wide range of presenting problems, including: anxiety disorders, dealing with depression, post traumatic stress, anger management, substance abuse, grief/bereavement, difficulties with communication, intimacy issues and relationship conflict resolution.

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Sarah Pantin

Dr.Sarah Pantin

Dr. Sarah Pantin provides psychotherapy to adult and young adult clients experiencing a wide range of difficulties including anger management, depression, anxiety/stress, self-esteem, relationship issues, adjustment to life changes, grief, separation, stress and work-place issues.

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Emma Dargie

Dr. Emma Dargie

Dr. Emma Dargie provides services to Anglophone adults, such as individual therapy, couple therapy, mental health assessments, and assessments of gender dysphoria. She works with clients who have a range of concerns, including anxiety and depression, emotion regulation, chronic pain and health issues, sexual health/dysfunction, relationship issues, and LGBTQ+ issues. She takes a collaborative, supportive, evidence-based approach that integrates theory and techniques from a range of therapeutic modalities.

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