Psychologists with Expertise in Group Therapy

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Anxiety Group

We are offering an 8-week group therapy for anxiety. This will be a closed group which means it has a definite start and end date, and once the group starts, no new members will be added. Group size will range from 5 to 8 members and will meet on a weekly basis.

We will use a trans-diagnostic approach to treating anxiety, meaning that members with different types of anxiety are welcome (so one person might be anxious about social situations while another might be anxious about snakes). A trans-diagnostic approach to group therapy for anxiety is supported by clinical research. The group will use cognitive-behavioural techniques to treat anxiety, which involves the following: providing factual information about anxiety (e.g., what it is and what maintains it), using this factual information to help group members better understand their own unique experience of anxiety, identifying anxious thinking styles (also called cognitions), and ultimately working with group members to help them face their fears (this is often referred to as exposure and is the behavioural part of the therapy). Adults who believe that anxiety is negatively impacting their quality of life are welcome to contact us.

A diagnosis of an anxiety disorder IS NOT necessary. However, a screening phone call, and then an assessment will need to take place in order to ensure that the group we are offering will meet your needs. Please contact reception at 613-230-4709, ext. 0 to learn more information about the group.

Caroline Ostiguy

Dr. Caroline Ostiguy

Dr. Caroline Ostiguy provides therapy to adults and couples in both English and French. She works with individuals experiencing a wide range of challenges, with particular experience treating mood and anxiety disorders. She also frequently works with individuals and couples in addressing communication, intimacy, and sexuality problems in their relationships

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Marc Zahradnik

Dr. Marc Zahradnik

Dr. Marc Zahradnik provides psychological assessment (both psychodiagnostic and psychoedcuational) and psychotherapy services to both adolescents and adults. He works with clients who are struggling with the following: trauma, depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems, major life changes, gambling, sleep problems, assertiveness, and anger. Dr. Zahradnik’s training has covered both the assessment and treatment of the full range of anxiety and mood disorders.

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Emma Dargie

Dr. Emma Dargie

Dr. Emma Dargie provides services to Anglophone adults, such as individual therapy, couple therapy, mental health assessments, and assessments of gender dysphoria. She works with clients who have a range of concerns, including anxiety and depression, emotion regulation, chronic pain and health issues, sexual health/dysfunction, relationship issues, and LGBTQ+ issues. She takes a collaborative, supportive, evidence-based approach that integrates theory and techniques from a range of therapeutic modalities.

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