Making a Referral

Thank you for inquiring about a referral to Gilmour Psychological Services (GPS).

Before we proceed with a referral to a Psychologist, please be sure to read the information below.

We hope you have had the chance to review our website and to select the Psychologist you prefer.

After you have read the information below, if you would like us to help arrange a meeting between yourself and your Preferred Psychologist, please click on the CONTINUE button. Otherwise, please click on the MAYBE LATER button.

What we Are

  • We are a group of individual doctoral level Psychologists with specialities that encompass a wide range of services.
  • For in-depth information about Psychology and Psychological treatment, please see the FAQ on our website.

What we Are Not

  • We are not a Walk-In Medical Clinic. Visits are by appointment only.
  • We do not usually see new referrals on an emergency basis.
  • We do not prescribe medications.


  • The GPS Office Administration staff are here to facilitate your initial referral to a Psychologist.
  • We will approach the Psychologist you have selected to see if there is a match with your needs and timeline and with the Psychologist’s availability. 
  • If there is no match, or if the Psychologist you have selected is not available, GPS Administration will help facilitate referrals to alternate Psychologists who may be able to see you sooner, or with whom there is an optimal match with your needs. Therefore, you may receive emails that identify a different Psychologist from the one you selected.
  • Once you are referred to a Psychologist, all further communications and appointments are conducted privately between you and the Psychologist and do not involve GPS Administration staff.


  • Fees are set by the individual Psychologist. Most GPS Psychologists are seasoned professionals and set their fees accordingly. The Psychologist will discuss the fees with you before you begin.


  • Psychological Services in Ontario are not covered by OHIP. Why should I pay more?
  • You do not need a Family Doctor’s referral to see a Psychologist, however, your private insurance may require such a referral.
  • Private insurance pays for Psychological Services, and some insurers reimburse more than others. It is your responsibility to interface with your insurer to receive reimbursement. Psychologists will issue a receipt for your payment suitable for reimbursement or a tax deduction.


  • Assessments conducted at GPS are comprehensive and can take a significant amount of time, often requiring multiple appointments.
  • Currently, learning and ADHD evaluations range in cost from $2800 to $5,000. Forensic, Psycho-legal, Neuropsychological testing and Child Custody and Access evaluations range from $3,500 to over $15,000 depending on the nature and complexity of the assessment required. 


  • Currently, treatment fees range from $200/hr to $325/hr depending on the psychologist and the service.

Scheduling Appointments

  • The GPS Administration staff will help you find the best match to a Psychologist. Typically, this is done by email.
  • If available, the Psychologist will contact you by email or telephone to discuss details.
  • Once a Psychologist accepts you for service, the GPS Administration staff will withdraw, and all further communications and appointments are conducted privately between you and the Psychologist. 
  • All appointments, including the initial appointment, are made directly with the individual Psychologist to whom you are referred. 
  • There is typically a substantial wait time before a Psychologist will be able to see you. This varies with the individual Psychologist and other factors. Typically, a referral can be made within a week and a first appointment secured within 1-3 months.

The Role of the Office Administration Staff

  • The GPS Administration staff are here to help facilitate your initial referral to a Psychologist who is best suited to help you, given the information you have provided.
  • We are here to help answer any questions you may have about the referral process. You can contact us by phone or by email.

613-230-4709 or [email protected]

  • GPS Administration staff do not schedule appointments or handle fees.

I understand the information outlined above and would like to make a referral