The History of Gilmour Psychological Services®

We Are All Doctoral-Level Psychologists

In 1983, Dr. Iris Jackson, C. Psych. founded Gilmour Psychological Services® (GPS) with the help of Karen Davies, who at that time had her Masters degree from the University of Manitoba.  She quickly completed her doctorate and went on to become licensed as a psychologist.

We had a vision of creating a caring, confidential, competent and ethical private practice, this in an era when most psychologists were employed in hospitals, school boards and agencies. We quickly developed a vision of having a full range of psychological services to assess and treat a broad range of difficulties and disorders across the age span.  We also wanted to offer a range of personal development opportunities for the Gilmour Psychological Services® clients.

Due to the level of sensitivity, skill and knowledge of these psychologists, they drew other skilled psychologists to them.  By 1992, we had expanded to five women psychologists.  Dr. Jackson and Dr. Davies were joined by Dr. Frances Smyth, Dr. Doreen Gough and Dr. Catherine Pink.  A few years later, when Dr. Pink retired, Dr. Anne Boland joined the partnership.

As the business grew and demand for services increased, these psychologists responded to other like-minded psychologists who wanted to join GPS and who also added a skillset to the group.  Over the years, as you can see by examining the biosketches of the psychologists currently with us, the GPS group of psychologists has been able to cover almost all of the psychological needs of the community.  We also have several bilingual (English and French) psychologists.

We have been blessed with terrific administrative staff, who have had a long tenure with us.  Ms. Penelope Skelton, who was our office manager, joined us in early 1992 and retired in 2010.  Ms. Agnes Kidd joined GPS in 1994, contributing her reception and administration skills, and retired in 2017. In 2010, Carole Johnson joined GPS to work with Ms. Kidd to run the day-to-day reception and office operations, and left in 2017. Also in 2010, Mr. Adam Davies joined the administration team as book keeper and now has his accountant’s designation. In 2017 our administration staff now includes Ms. Clarita Robinson and Ms. Susan McCallum. 

Our dedication and commitment to our clients is paramount. We bring energy, enthusiasm, and up-to-date knowledge and skill to our work.  We look forward to continuing our growth and to serving our community.