Psychologists with Expertise in Play Therapy for Children

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Frances Smyth

Dr. Frances Smyth

Dr. Frances Smyth provides therapy services for child, adolescents, adults and their families. Although she treats a wide range of mental health and wellness issues, an area of expertise is the assessment of children’s learning and emotional difficulties. She has particular interest in individual psychotherapy with children and adults from dysfunctional families. Such as children of alcoholic parents and families dealing with separation/divorce, parental homosexuality, or death of family members.

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Deanna Drahovzal

Dr. Deanna Drahovzal

Dr. Deanna Drahovzal provides psychotherapy and assessment services to individual children, adolescents, and adults; couples; and, their families. In her practice, she assists those with a wide variety of challenges, including: anxiety, depression, anger, low self-esteem, health problems, learning difficulties, memory training (Cogmed) adjustment to major life changes as well as interpersonal issues, such as communication, conflict resolution, parenting and intimacy.

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Douglas Scoular

Dr. Douglas Scoular

Dr. Scoular has been a Psychologist since 2006. He has expertise in treating adults, adolescents, children, parents, and families. Dr. Scoular believes in collaboratively forming therapeutic goals utilizing the latest psychological research. He helps his clients to realize their goals through the use of Cognitive Behavioural or Interpersonal therapies, as well as employing other well-researched therapeutic modalities. Dr. Scoular closely monitors client progress using psychological questionnaires and client feedback. His interpersonal approach is highly engaging and interactive, providing a calm, positive, and professional therapeutic presence.

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